It has begun… once again

Well new console season is upon us and i will try to salvage this blog into a way to spread my bilingual and limited knowledge of gaming, comics and some pop culture to the masses in a way that is relatable and easy to understand even if you don’t watch the extremely vilified, yet somehow ironically VERY popular show The Big Bang theory, a show which by the way I watch… hope you enjoy some of my musings and most importantly request any subject I might be of help.

Today I picked up Call of Duty Ghost for PS4, should I wonder if I am to blame for the cash cow milking of a dying franchise?, probably not as this is the destiny of anything that is popular and the way I see it this is just me setting myself up for a few hours a year of online play with friends. That said I am looking forward to see the graphical improvements for the newest generation of consoles and the changes that it will bring from a gameplay stand point. I will write a bilingual review once the Ps4 is launched and an unboxing video is made. Until then one preorder picked up 2 more to go

greetings to y’all

– Vlad



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