Inktober Day 17 – Son Gohan’s Master

For #inktoberday17 I drew #mrpiccolo / #señorpiccoro as he first showed up… the freshly hatched offspring of #demonkingpiccolo … I find it hilarious that most people forget that #piccolo in #dragonballz is 8 years old and only 3ish by the end of #dragonball … he looks like #dende and it was hinted in the filler that he was not as bad as his father. Tomorrow it is the turn of his pupil and the last one I will draw in their #dragonball designs… #fanart #inktober2018


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2 Responses to Inktober Day 17 – Son Gohan’s Master

  1. gilian says:

    Cute. This brings back old memories!
    I love Dragon ball z. Hehe
    My fondest memory piccolo was when he was training gohan/gouku? until his powers finally came out when the moon was big. 🙂

    Here’s my week 2 for inktober:

    • vlad8a says:

      Thank you so much, yeah, I originally saw the show in Spanish first and then in English and Japanese and in all languages there is nothing cuter than when little Gohan talked to Piccolo calling him “Mr. Piccolo in the Spanish and Japanese Dub. Cheers!

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