Gamer tags Update

If anyone wants to join, here are my gaming tags, updated.#playstationnetwork #nintendoswitch #nintendoid #xbox #microsoftgaming

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… but hopefully Surely as well, Nintendo’s first app is open for pre registration




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A paso lento… 

…Pero esperemos que seguro, Nintendo empieza con su primer App.

#gaming #Nintendo


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Fanart A la vista

Bosquejo de 15 minutos de Rafael




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Fanart ahoy!

Quick 15 minute pencil sketch of #tmnt ‘s #Raphael #coolbutrude


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What a GREAT year for comic book movies… and this is just the beginning

Deadpool was a blast, better than expected and while this next trailer is not Batman V. Superman, it certainly is a nice example of how comic book movies are more than just simple fun but also caters to more than just one type of audience.



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Que GRAN Año para peliculas de Comics…y esto recien empieza

Deadpool estuvo mejor de lo esperado y este trailer aun no siendo Batman V Superman es otro gran ejemplo de Comics siendo complejas historias entretenidas para mas de un tipo de audiencia


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